EWINLIGHT is an innovative technology company established in Shenzhen in 2016. Our core mission is to bring sunshine to life. The company have a senior R&D team and sales team. We research the latest LED, optics, and control system technology, develop better lighting solutions, and provide customers qualified support and service globally.

Our product is EWINDOW. The concept of EWINDOW is reproducing daylight lighting environment, just like sunshine shine indoor through a window. The benefits of our product are important. It provides a dynamic daylight-like environment, compliment daylighting when daylight is restricted by architecture, climate or latitude. Promote general lighting effect to daylighting effect.

Daylight is often mentioned as qualified lighting, healthy lighting. Studies have showed that it has great impact on our health, both on physiology and psychology. Due to the variation of daylight and our city is more crowded than before, many people have to live in the environment doesn’t have enough daylight, artificial daylight should be a properer option to complement natural daylight.

EWINLIGHT's core value

Core Value


Innovation is the essence of our company. It’s a spirit marked into our heart. It’s the basis of our value

Make Value

Our value comes from the innovation. We believe keep doing our best to make creative things that meet people’s requirements, will bring value to us.

Share Benefits

We would love to share benefits with our colleagues, our customers and consumers. We believe that a sharing mind will lead more people involving into our business.

Working Together

One of us is small, but working together, we can do great things. We inspire each other, cooperate with each other, deliver more value to the market

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