Bring Sunshine to The Teahouse

Drinking tea is one of the customs of Chinese people. People like to sit down and have some tea with friends, enjoy the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of talking to each other and sharing some feelings. The core of tea culture is about harmony between people and nature.

Pinqing Xuan is a teahouse in the center area of Beijing. Due to the dense population and limited space in Beijing, many places for daily leisure are built in the underground space. The teahouse has been in business for a long time and people around like to enjoy tea here. Due to the place is underground, there is no natural light here and the space is feel closure. For this case, we introduce our artificial daylight to upgrade the lighting.

sunshine, teashouse

After the upgrade, even in the underground, people can enjoy the feeling of sunshine when they drinking tea. It provide a more natural environment, it’s good for people’s happiness, and it’s also an expression of tea culture about the harmony between people and nature.