EWINDOW In The 15th Shenzhen Tea Expo

The 15th Shenzhen Tea Expo is one of the most famous tea expo which attracts thousand of tea merchants, tea enthusiast and designers.

Following the application of  EWINDOW in tea house in Beijing, and be well received in tea industry, our EWINDOW was used in the booth by JINGFAN TEA which is a well know brand in tea industry.

daylight with tea, sunshine

EWINDOW brings something new to the tea space. It create a natural atmosphere for the tea enthusiast, they can enjoy tea in a more relaxed state.

When sunlight meet Tea, When the latest technique meet the traditional culture, everything is different. Close your eye and image, warm sunshine touches your face, get a cup of tea, enjoy your wonderful time, no matter what the weather is outside.  What’s a beautiful experience it should be.

This is the first show of exhibition in China Mainland, it brough the sunshine to our tea visitors, in the near further, we will bring our EWINDOW to all the world, so see you next fair in 26th International Fair of Lighting Equipent in Warsaw, Poland. And Light + Building 2018 Frankfurt.