EWINDOW become the star product in HongKong International Lighting Fair

Hong Kong Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) is one of the most famous lighting fair, attracting most of the manufactures to show their latest products and technology, and thousands of buyer from all over the world to explore the new products.

As an innovative company, EWINLIGHT choose this opportunity to release the new product, EWINDOW- The First Daylight system, a brand new lighting product, mimic daylight effect, lighting like sunshine shine down from a window, create a natural scene of daylight. And immediately, EWINDOW become the star of the fair. Many customers are attracted by EWINDOW.

One of the Danish customers said: “This is the best product I have seen in the fair, it like real daylight, I can feel it”. One designer from Thailand was very excited when he seen EWINDOW, he said:” I was looking for this product for almost ten years. It’s a magic you bring this product into reality”. One customer from New zealand had a lot of communication with us, the more he experienced the daylight feeling, the more he thought EWINDOW is an amazing product, he said:” EWINDOW is a human centre lighting product, I think it very suitable for the healthcare, people in the natural lighting environment will relieve their mental tension.

In the process of communication with customers, we really found that people all over the world have the common sense of daylight. No matter they are in the north, or in the south, people always have great enthusiasm of daylight. We think it an instinct in our gene formed in the history of evolution.
Through the fair, we have seen the infinite possibility for the market of EWINDOW. Thanks for the support of customers, we will work together, bring sunshine to life.