EWINDOW was demonstrated in Human Centric Lighting Seminar

In modern time, We spend most of our time indoor, but in our deep nature, human are outdoor living beings. The architecture of buildings, it’s necessary to have a natural light source (window) close by in every space, try to guide the natural into our room. But in many circumstances, it’s still far from enough. As a core concept of EWINDOW, it try to simulate the dynamic daylight environment indoor. Meet our natural need and become a new favorite in Human Centric Lighting.

More and More professional customer in HCL are very optimistic about the market performance of this new product, and strengthen market promotion. On 6th-7th February, a partner demonstrate EWINDOW in Smart Lighting & Design fair in Nederland, have got a very good market response. And he has been invited to give a presentation on the seminar of Human Centric Lighting, shared the product and discussed what it would bring in Human Centric Lighting.