EWINDOW was exhibited in EL & TEKNIK 2018 Denmark

Denmark’s largest electro technical trade fair EL & TEKNIK 2018 ended in 17th May. 180 exhibitors and 8488 guests witnessed that EL & TEKNIK 2018 became the most successful fair for years.

During the three days, our EWINDOWs were exhibited in unique and creative way inside a decorated 40HQ container. The outstanding performance of EWINDOW attracted the sponsor’s attention, a project coordinator from sponsor pointed the ceiling where a window displays white clouds with blue sky and said EWINDOW could bring sunshine and create well-being to all the places where the sun did not reach. EWINDOW emits light on the floor, and the light brightness and color can change according to the rhythm of day changing, especially suitable for the underground space, hospital and kindergarten, etc.

Although it was the first time to show Ewindow in Denmark, with its particular features, Ewindow won great confidence to our partner in Denmark.