EWINDOW 60 presents us a very delicate and exquisite appearance with its 60*60cm frame. The fairly compact structure enables EWINDOW 60 suitable for many different settings. The square shape with clear blue sky and infinite depth is able to keep us think calmly.

Smart Control

There are three control ways, Control Panel, APP, Dali system. However, this EWINDOW 60 could be controled directly by APP, without controller. They are all easy to set and use.

ewindow support dali system

More than the light

This artificial daylight is much more innovative with its simulation of daylight and shape shadow on floor, and infinite blue sky in visual sense. It’s more than just delivering lumens in a finite spectrum; it’s the timing and amount of light matters to the human biological system.

  • Popular size of 60*60mm frame, suitable for many different settings.
  • Natural view of high quality sky simulation.
  • Natural daylight effect including skylight and sunshine.
  • Skylight and sunlight can synchronize to the real sun in 24 hours.
  • Flexible control system, APP, controller or Dalli.

Human well-being

The striking feature is appropriate for various applications needed, It mimics daylight and a sun shining effect within darker indoor areas where the sunshine restricted by environmental factors, enhancing the body’s daily rhythm to function properly, stay healthy, more and more people will benefit from it, realize the human centric lighting which can improve the overall well-being.

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