EWINLIGHT in Light+Building 2018

light + building

Light + Building is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building service and technology. More than 2700 exhibitors showed their latest products and technology at Light + Building in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre from 18th to 23rd  March 2018.

EWINLIGHT brought an innovative product — EWINDOW to the fair. EWINDOW is the first artificial daylight system, mimics sunshine shines into a room through a window, the most natural way of lighting. We hope we can bring something new to the fair and the industry.

During these few days, we got in touch with hundreds of customers, and discussed our unique technologies, spirits of our product, applications and the benefits for human. Many architects have seen the great opportunity, they thought EWINDOW will be a convenient approach to complement daylight in architectures where lacks of daylight. One designer from Norway told us he has been looking for this kind of product for many years, and so happy to see it finally come out on the market, he really enjoyed the sunshine in our booth, because in Norway’s winter, there is not so much sunshine. Some specialists working on human centric lighting were excited to find us, they said the natural lighting way of EWINDOW creates a more healthy environment, the dynamic lighting ambient from morning to evening can coordinate our circadian rhythm to the natural daytime circle. For the people who spend much time indoors, it can help them to enhance their internal clock, improve biology and psychology health, and look forward to the application in office, school and hospital.

We are so happy to see the effect of the exhibition exceeded our expectation. And happy to see so many people like it,  agree with our concept and product.

In the near future, EWINDOW will be launched in many local market,  it will bring sunshine to more people.