EWINLIGHT Win The China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

China innovation, daylight system

China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is the biggest and most influential innovation event in China. It’s held by the Torch Center of Ministry of Science and Technology, the Management Center of Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund, Daily paper of Science and Technology, etc. The 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was started in March, 2017. There were 28147 projects from all over the country taken part in. They were classified into six industries: Biomedicine, Advanced Manufacturing, New Energy and Energy saving, Internet and Mobile Internet, Electronic Information, New Material. After a serial rounds of investigation and competition. The final result came out in October, the project from EWINLIGHT: EWINDOW- The Artificial Daylight System, have gotten good reputation, and won the top two place in the New Energy and Energy Saving industry.

EWINLIGHT is an innovative technology company established in Shenzhen in 2016. Our core mission is to promote qualified lighting for human well-being. Our product is EWINLIGHT- The first artificial daylight system. The product follows the features of daylight, presents a very natural scene of blue sky, clear clouds and bright sunshine. It’s perfectly integrated the latest LED technologyt, optical design and intelligent control system. It will bring daylight to people who lived in a place lack of daylight, or the seasons that very dark.

The jury of sponsor recognized that daylighting is a new way of lighting, the significance to the public, the potential of the project is very big. And they aslo said: “daylight is the essentials of human life, the artificial daylight system, provide a better solution, to solve the real needs for human of qualified lighting. The praise of the jury and public encourage us to focus on providing people better lighting solution for human well-being.