daylight in winter


The first artificial daylight system

Looks like a window, lighting like sunshine

The First Artificial Daylight System


EWINDOW is the first artificial daylight system. It mimic the daylight shinning indoor by a window.

  • Natural view of high quality sky simulation.
  • Natural daylight effect including skylight and sunshine.
  • Skylight and sunlight can synchronize to the real sun in 24 hours.

It’s a natural way of lighting, will be an effective approach for designers to release their inspirations and emotions, to introduce daylight-like lighting into architecture for human well-being.

More Than Lighting

Natural View

enjoy sunshine, enjoy daylight, skylight

A daylight view makes people feel comfortable. Relieve the sense of  closure.

Natural Rhythm

daylight effect circadian rhythm, daylight effect biocycle, daylight effect internal clock.

Lighting ambient synchronize with the sun in 24 hours, correspond with our circadian rhythm.

Natural Lighting

daylight in hotel, daylight in public area, daylight in circulation area

Provide a lighting that similar to daylighting. Improve our experience.


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