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Daylight is the most important lighting source to us, has accompanied us for centuries. Nowadays, studies have showed that daylight has great impact on our health, not only just give us light, but also improve our mood and physical health. EWINDOW is an artificial daylight system, follows the features of daylight, aim to complement daylighting in many cases. Because daylight vary significantly with time, seasons, latitude and architecture structure.

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Natural View

Meeting the need for contact with the outside living environment is an important psychological aspect linked to daylight (Robbins, 1986). Because ntural views tend to produce positive responses, they may be more effective in reducing stress, decreasing ansiety, holding attention, and improving mood. Studies in 1979, 1981, and 1986 by Ulrich (Heerwagen 1986) support the effectiveness of natural views. EWINDOW provide a vivid scene with sky, clouds and sunshine, reproduce daylight environment by man-made.

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Natural Rhythms

Almost everything under the sun follows the rhythms of the sun. The biological clock is involved in many aspects of our complex physiology. We now know that all multicellular organisms, including humans, utilize a similar mechanism to control circadian rhythms. Alarge proportion of our genes are regulated by the biological clock and , consequently, a carefully calibrated circadian rhythm adapts our physiology to the different phases of the day (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2017).

EWINDOW create a stronge daylight-like evironment, and it can synchronize the lighting ambient to the sun in 24 hours. It correspond with the natural daylight rhythms, means it correspond with our circadian system.

Natural Lighting

Daylight has great impact on our lives and it is an essential part of architecture. But it varies with many factors, such as architectures, latitude, climate, seasons. As an artificial lighting source, EWINDOW don’t have these restrictions. It’s feasible to bring more daylighting to people. I’s also a good new to architecture designers and lighting designers. EWINDOW will release them from these restrictions, free them to introduce daylight lighting into architecture, inspire designers to accomplish more creative jobs.

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