Q: What exactly kind of the product is it?

A: It’s a new kind of artificial electrical lighting fixture. Looks like roof window after mounting. The lighting pattern is similar to daylighting, including skylight and sunshine effect.

Q: What is the difference from general electrical lighting source?

A: The main difference is the lighting pattern. EWINDOW focus on creating a daylighting atmosphere, and the general lighting source is prefer to provide luminous flux.

Q: What is the difference from daylight?

A: Great efforts were taken to make the lighting effect of EWINDOW close to daylight. The differences are: the spectrum is not the same, clouds, sunshine are not moving. But EWINDOW is powered by electricity, that means you can get daylight experience at any time you want, without any limits such as seasons, latitude, climate conditions.

Q: What is the biggest challenge?

A: The biggest challenge is we need to integrate many latest technologies into our product, and reduce the volume to a panel size for convenient using.

Q: Why do you develop this kind of product?

A: Many studies have showed that daylight is the most qualified light to us, and we feel that daylight is very good to improve our mood. So we decide to develop a new kind of lighting source, more used to our user experience, more qualified to our life.

Q: Is it good for consumer?

A: The lighting is pretty much like real natural daylight. It’s helpful to create a natural and relax lighting mood. And the control system can keep changing lighting according to daylight in 24h cycle, means it corresponds with our internal clock.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, it’s easy to use. After a few easy setting. The system can automatical can the light. Manual mode is also available. And three control approach is provided: control panel, APP and DALI system.

Q: Is it easy to mount?

A: It’s like a panel light. But a little bit thicker and heavier.

Q: Where should I use it?

A: The feature of the product is lighting like daylighting. To some extent, it complement daylighting. So we suggest that where require more daylight is the place for it. Home, school, healthcare, underground facilities and so on.

Q: What is the marketing plan?

A: We are going to start promotion from fall 2017. Through industry show, forums, print media and internet. We will keep the status of continuous promotion to make sure more people will get the information.

Q: What is the support?

A: We promise the great support to our customers from pre-sale consult to after-sale warranty. And would love to share benefits with customers.

Q: How to make sure sustainable the business?

A: We are keep developing new products to supplement our product line. In the meantime, we start the progress of some basic technology in lighting and human well-being. Aslo, we prefer to keep a stable relationship with our partner.

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